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About SGI Brands

SGI Brands Corp. “SGI” is a multi-brand active lifestyle and wellness product management company headquartered in Oakville, ON, Canada. Our company builds synergy between carefully selected premium brands for each brand to reach its full potential in a competitive market space. The synergies in our brand portfolio are achieved through our shared platform, which consist of several corporate functions such as sourcing, distribution, sales logistics, HR, IT, marketing, finance and administration. SGI functions as a parent company to eliminate sales seasonality, minimize operational costs and increase brand profitability. With our focus on active lifestyle apparel and wellness, each of our brands benefit from a SGI’s business platform by helping streamline core business tasks and propelling each brand to new heights. We build genuine partnerships with brands that offer unique, quality products and helping the brand stakeholders to develop their business through SGI’s shared platform. Our SGI corporate brand act as a guarantee of continuity with the ability to deliver creditworthiness. SGI allows the brand directors to pursue their passion of creating leading edge products, expanding markets, allowing the brands to reach a larger consumer base. Our brand directors are responsible for their own brand value chain, profit and loss, distribution, marketing, product management, design and sourcing. With our shared brand’s interest in succeeding in each market segment, our brand directors focus to build successful and profitable brands. We base the individual brand value on the opinion of customers and actual athletes who use our product brands. SGI management is a group of experienced business leaders committed to excellent service to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. Our company continues searching for new products and brand opportunities to make them profitable on our shared business platform. SGI main purpose and activity is to manage long term financial growth through selected premium brands and strive to become known as the “Home of Active Lifestyle and Wellness Brands”.

Core Values

Our management team that is directly involved in the day-to-day operations, we are a customer-service centric team with energetic, enthusiastic, and highly experienced professionals whose only objective it is to enhance your experience. We have worked very hard to establish a reputation that is synonymous with exceptional quality and unwavering customer service.  In order to maintain this standard, we only represent suppliers and manufacturers that share our ideals with respect to; workplace ethics, safety, fairness, diversity, sustainability and only deliver products that are in full compliance with North American standards.  Furthermore, our priority is our reputation; therefore we guarantee to provide great quality products for very fair and competitive prices while conducting every aspect of our business with honesty, integrity and respect.

Interested in joining our team?

If thrive in an environment that encourages creativity, teamwork, attention to detail, determination and humor, we would be delighted to hear from you.